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Ride to Victory, Play with Passion

Grand Champions Polo Club, Where Champions Emerge!

Grand Champions Polo Club and Santa Rita Polo Farm host polo tournaments ranging from six to 26 goals, in addition to special events, at their well-manicured 11 fields during the fall season. Admission is free (except for special events) and open to the public.​


 Grand Champions Polo Club and Santa Rita Polo Farm cater to men, women, and youth polo players at all levels. The clubs expert staff can customize a complete playing experience, including horses, pros, and certified umpires, in addition to lessons and practice sessions as part of their Polo On Demand program at the turnkey facility during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Club Tournaments

6 Goal

Metropolitan Cup

Halo Polo Trophy

Madelon Bourdieu Memorial

8 Goal

Aspen Valley Cup

The Top Pony 8 Goal

The Limited Edition 8 Goal

USPA Regional President's Cup

12 Goal

Limited Edition 12 Goal

Sieber Memorial Trophy

$50,000 Natioinal 12 Goal

The Top Pony 12 Goal

16 Goal

The Grand Champions Cup

The Power Horse Invitational

John T. Oxley Memorial

High Goal

The Sterling Cup

The $100,000 World Cup (0-40)

USPA Butler Handicap (18-22)

Santa Rita Abierto

Polo Facilites

"The Disneyland of Polo"

Grand Champions Polo Club, together with its sister clubs, Santa Rita Polo Farm and The Polo School, presents a distinguished venue boasting 11 professional polo fields, 5 exquisitely designed event spaces, and a combination of practice fields and exercise tracks. The clubs offer a unique blend of polo excellence and sophisticated event facilities, creating an exceptional environment for various occasions.


Grand Champions

Grand Champions Polo Club stands as a premier polo destination with 5 professional polo fields, encompassing a luxurious ambiance and top-notch facilities for both the sport and events. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Grand Champions offers a distinguished experience at the intersection of world-class polo and elegant event spaces.


Santa Rita Polo Farm

Santa Rita Polo Farm stands out as it's own distinguished venue with 4 professional polo fields, enhanced by elegant event spaces and a harmonious combination of practice fields and exercise tracks. Embracing a commitment to polo distinction, Santa Rita Polo Farm offers a sophisticated setting that seamlessly blends sporting prowess with the allure of memorable events. Moreover, as you explore the property, you'll encounter world-class artwork scattered around, adding an extra layer of aesthetic richness to the experience.

PoloSchool Black.png

The Polo School

The Polo School, with its 2 professional polo fields and a dedicated track, embodies a rustic charm that adds character to the polo experience. Beyond the exhilarating polo facilities, The Polo School offers a distinctive atmosphere where the rugged beauty of the surroundings merges with the thrill of the sport.

Club Programs

Grand Champions Polo Club presents a versatile array of polo programs, including "Polo on Demand" for a hassle-free experience, a Polo School with professional instructors for skill development, and women's league tournaments showcasing inclusivity and competitive opportunities on world-class fields. These programs collectively offer a comprehensive and accessible approach to polo for participants of varying skill levels and backgrounds.

Asset 9.png

Polo On Demand

A hassle-free program at Grand Champions Polo Club where participants only need their boots, while the club provides everything from professional players to world-class horses and equipment, ensuring a seamless and accessible polo experience for all.

PoloSchool Black.png

The Polo School

Grand Champions Polo Club's Polo School, led by professional instructors, accommodates both beginners and intermediate players, fostering skill development and understanding of the sport in a supportive and educational environment.


 Polo School Women's League

The club hosts women's league tournaments on top-notch fields with world-class umpires, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and excellence in polo, providing a competitive platform for female players to showcase their skills.






26-goal polo. It means the best players in the world, in the history of the sport even, are on the field. And the most thrilling, intense level of polo can be reached. No one else in North America is pushing polo to this extreme. But then, no one else started a new league just so they could.



All-Star Challenge

FEB 6-25


Triple Crown of Polo

MAR 20- APR 13

Photo Mar 12 2023, 6 33 11 PM.jpg

Founders Cup

FEB 22 -MAR 10

DSC05904 (1).jpg

Beach Polo World Cup

APR 17-21


Palm Beach Open

MAR 6-23


WPL Polo Pride

APR 21-28


WPL VIP Experience  

The World Polo League VIP Stadium offers a cutting-edge polo experience, featuring state-of-the-art facilities where patrons can indulge in the thrill of polo matches. Attendees can savor delectable bites, relish amazing cocktails, enjoy live music with a booming sound system, and immerse themselves in the action with video screens covering every square inch, creating an unparalleled and immersive entertainment atmosphere.

Exclusive Club Events

Latest News

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