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Polo tournaments epitomize equestrian grace and global allure. From the British Polo Season's traditions to Argentina's high-stakes matches, these events showcase the artistry of players and the seamless partnership between horse and rider. With a backdrop of manicured fields and refined social settings, polo tournaments offer a thrilling blend of skill and sophistication.


Low Goal Polo at Grand Champions Polo Club. This level provides an accessible and competitive environment for polo enthusiasts who are honing their skills and seeking an engaging polo experience.


In the Medium Goal Polo category players showcase their advanced skills in a more challenging and dynamic setting. This level of polo offers intensified competition, strategic gameplay, and a higher level of horsemanship.


High Goal Polo represents the pinnacle of competitive polo at Grand Champions Polo Club, featuring teams with goal handicaps of 20 and above. This elite level showcases world-class athleticism, precision, and teamwork, drawing top-tier players to engage in thrilling matches at the highest level of the sport.

WPL (3).png

The World Polo League at Grand Champions Polo Club stands as the epitome of excellence in North American polo outside of Argentina. With a goal handicap of 26, this league attracts top international players and delivers a spectacle of unparalleled skill, speed, and strategy, making it the premier destination for elite polo competition in the region.

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