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Leagues Heating Up At Grand Champions Polo Club

WELLINGTON, Fla., January 27, 2024--The Limited Edition 12-Goal Series and Metropolitan 6-Goal Cup join the Aspen Valley 8-Goal league heating up the action at Santa Rita Polo Farm.

By Sharon Robb

The four-team Metropolitan 6-Goal Cup got under way Saturday with The Polo School (Rebecca Cohen, -1, Artemio Figueras, 1, Juan Bollini, 3, Facha Valent, 3) defeating Bushwood Pink (Scott Sorbaro -1, Jen Buchan, -1, Santi Moyano, 1, Kris Kampsen), 7-5.5. Figueras scored a game-high five goals including a 120-yard insurance goal in the closing seconds.

The Aspen Valley 8-goal final is Monday at 3 p.m. with undefeated 90210 playing against an opponent to be determined at Sunday's Amaro-Rafool Polo game at 10 a.m. If needed, a shootout will be held at noon.

The four-team Limited Edition 12-Goal Series opens on Tuesday with defending champion Wind Swept playing Quite on Z at 11 a.m.

The 12-goal teams are:

Wind Swept (12): Harry Reicher, 0, Tincho Merlos, 7, Govinda Quish, 0, Jason Crowder, 5.

90210 Polo (10): Sarah Siegel-Magness, 0, Cable Magness, 1, Geronimo Obregon, 5, Roberto Zedda, 4.

Quite on Z (12): Alecia Seidler, 1, Artemio Figueras, 1, Keko Magrini, 6, Hilario Figueras, 5.

Grand Champions Polo Club: Kris Kampsen, 6, Pedro Gutierrez, 5, TBA, TBA.

The other two 6-goal teams are:

Rafool Polo (6): Ray Rafool, 0, Meredith Lovegrove, -1, Jason Crowder, 5, Turner Wheaton, 2.

Pony Express (5.5): Justin Daniels, 2, Drew Quagliano, 0, Benji Daniels, 1.5, Santos Bollini, 2.

Each team will play each other with the top two teams advancing to the final on Feb. 10.

In last year's 12-goal final, Wind Swept rallied in the final two chukkers to capture its first Limited Edition 12-Goal Series title. Wind Swept (Harrison Reicher, 0, Rufino Merlos, 1, Tincho Merlos, 7, Baldo Palomeque, 4) scored six unanswered goals in the second half and won, 13-10, over Oriflamme (Jason Crowder, 5, Frankie Bilbao, 4, Benn Shepherd, 0, Jason Warren, 3).

Argentine former 10-goaler Tincho Merlos was named Most Valuable Player. Merlos, the team's field general, scored a game-high seven goals. Pony Vicha, played by Rufino Merlos in the fifth chukker, was Best Playing Pony.

In the 6-goal final, Orea Polo (Petra Sobotova, -1, Finn Secunda, 1, Justin Daniels 2, Matias Busquet) rallied in the final minute to win its first tournament of the winter polo season. Orea Polo edged The Polo School (Meredith Lovegrove, -1, Santos Bollini, 2, Alex Webb, 2, Juan Bollini, 3), 3-2.

Busquet, who scored the game-winner with 1:04 left in regulation, was named Most Valuable Player. Orquideo, a 6-year-old homebred stallion (mother/ Orquidea and father/Chapa Aquario), played by Daniels, was selected Best Playing Pony.

In last year's 8-goal tournament, Loudmouth won its first-ever tournament at Santa Rita. Loudmouth (Scott Sorbaro, -1, Nick Manifold, 3, Kris Kampsen, 6, Michael Armour, 0) dominated Dracarys (Chetan Krishna, -1, Joseph Schwartz, 1, Leon Schwencke, 3, Brandon Phillips, 4) for an impressive 12-8 victory on Buenos Aires Field.



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