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90210/Bentley Estates Win Limited Edition 12-Goal Series; Geronimo Obregon Named MVP

WELLINGTON, Fla., February 19, 2024--90210/Bentley Estates led from start to finish to win the Limited Edition 12-Goal Series Saturday at Grand Champions Polo Club.

By Sharon Robb

Photos by Candace Ferreira

90210/Bentley Estates (Cable Magness, 1, Roberto Zedda, 4, Facundo Frayssinet, 2, Geronimo Obregon, 5) defeated Quite on Z (Alecia Seidler, 0, Artemio Figueras, 1, Keko Magrini, 6, Hilario Figeruas, 5), 12-9, to win the four-team tournament.

Obregon scored a game-high eight goals including two penalty conversions, and was named Most Valuable Player.

Dolfina Azucarada, played by Roberto Zedda in the first and sixth chukkers, and owned by La Dolfina/Valiente, was Best Playing Pony.

Buoyed by three Obregon goals, 90210/Bentley Estates jumped out to a 4-2 lead in the opening chukker and never relinquished the lead. 90210/Bentley Estates kept at least a two-goal cushion for the remaining five chukkers.

90210/Bentley Estates led at the half, 7-4, after outshooting Quite on Z, 12-5, and dominating throw-ins. Quite on Z improved in the second half taking 90210/Bentley Estates out of its rhythm while playing a more controlled game, but could not get closer than two goals.

In addition to Obregon, Frayssinet had three goals and Zedda added one goal. For Quite on Z, Artemio Figueras and Magrini each had three goals and Hilario Figueras had two goals. The team was also awarded a penalty-one.

It was the first of two games for "Ironman" Hilario Figueras who turned around and immediately played in Casablanca's World Polo League season opener against Audi.

In last year's 12-goal final, Wind Swept rallied in the final two chukkers to win its first Limited Edition 12-Goal Series title. Wind Swept (Harrison Reicher, 0, Rufino Merlos, 1, Tincho Merlos, 7, Baldo Palomeque, 4) scored six unanswered goals in the second half and won, 13-10, over Oriflamme (Jason Crowder, 5, Frankie Bilbao, 4, Benn Shepherd, 0, Jason Warren, 3). Tincho Merlos scored a game-high seven goals and was MVP.



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